My family has 6 members / There are 6 members in my family

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ray8838, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. ray8838 Senior Member

    Chinese--Hong Kong
    Instead of "there are 6 members in my family", is it natural or grammatical to say "my family has 6 members"?
  2. Ferrydog Senior Member

    Hampshire UK
    There is nothing really wrong with what you suggest and it is correct grammatically. However, I would probably say 'there are six of us in our family'.
  3. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

    English - US
    Both are used, and seem grammatical.

    However, "There are six members in my family" is more commonly used and seems more natural to me as a stand alone sentence.

    Ferrydog's suggestion is fine, too.
  4. Nunty

    Nunty Modified

    Hebrew-US English (bilingual)
    I agree that the "there are six... in my family" sounds more natural than "my family has six...", even though both are correct.

    However, I think that it would be far more natural to say "people" instead of "members".
  5. Arrius

    Arrius Senior Member

    English, UK
    There are six (of us) in our family is the natural way to say this, and people being obvious is redundant,
  6. ray8838 Senior Member

    Chinese--Hong Kong
    Thank you for the comments.

    This issue actually dated back to my childhood when I was in primary 4. During a English language lesson, I wrote "my family has....." , but my English teacher said the correct English expression should be: "There are my family. Chinese may tend to write "my family has....." because it exactly matches with our Chinese expression style.

    It was a very very long time ago, but I still remember very clearly.
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  7. xjm Senior Member

    WI, USA
    English - USA
    For me the most colloquial would be "there's six people in my family." Could be an AE/BE difference. "Six of us in my/our family" has a certain old-fashioned sound to it for me.

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