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  1. Superali Senior Member

    I usually say "my family is" because "family" is a singular noun, although it may be understood as a colective one. HOwever, today I have heard "my family are" in a film. Is that correct?
    Thanks in advance
  2. lenisima

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    Both are correct. I think, it depends on the speaker.
    Depende si lo entiendes como un conjunto o grupo (por lo tanto usas singular) o como muchos miembros (plural).
    Vamos eso creo.

    In the Thomson and Martinet grammar both are correct
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  3. RinTinToothless New Member

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    At least to my US ears, "my family are" sounds weird except in a few contexts, whereas "my family is" is the more common usage. I tried, but cannot think of a time when I would say "my family are," though I would say "my family members are all crazy" for example.
  4. asm Senior Member

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    I agree.
  5. hola_gatita75

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    Yes, "my family is" is correct...."my family are" would not make sense in most situations. "My family members are" changes everything because now the subject here is "members" of my family, which is oppose to "family" which is a singular collective noun.

  6. Antpax

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    Hi everybody,

    Let me remind you our rule 1:

    This subject has been discussed sometimes before:

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    I am sure that revising the previous threads you can find the solution to your doubt, and if not you can continue the discussion in one of them. So, I am closing this thread.


    Antpax (Mod)
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