My favorite food is pizza, hamburger, salad.

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    Yes. The subject is food and it is singular.
    Maybe that sentence would be more correct if you said "My favorite food is pizza, but I also like hamburger, salad..."


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    My favorite food is pizza, hamburger, salad. :cross:
    My favorite food is pizza, hamburger, and salad. :thumbsdown: The grammar of "is" is okay, but one food is not three foods.
    My favorite food is pizza. :tick:


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    I'd prefer to put "foods" in the plural: "My favorite foods are pizza, hamburger, and salad." That avoids the logical problem of equating a singular item (my favorite food) with a plural item (three different foods). We wouldn't say "My favorite aunt is Dorothy, Esther, and Reba," would we? (Granted, the situations aren't exactly parallel because "food" can be uncountable, but the logical problem is the same.)


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    Is it OK if I use "is" after food since I have three food names?
    It could be, but only if the three foods form a dish that is seen as a single combination normally eaten together. You could say, for example, "My favourite food is egg, bacon and sausage". You could even say "My favourite food is fried egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, grilled tomato and fried bread". (But it might be simpler to say "My favourite food is a full English breakfast".)


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    It's both.
    What's your favourite meal? Breakfast.
    What's you favourite food? Egg, bacon and sausage. (Add extras as required)