my finger snaps for the rumble


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Justin: "This trip cannot be happening at a worse time. Doesn't anyone care that I'm understudying the lead in "West Side Story"? God forbid Joey Colano takes ill and I don't know my fingers snaps for the rumble."

(Ugly Betty)

Could you tell me what Justin means by "my finger snaps for the rumble" here?
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    A "rumble" here is a fight (in West Side Story between two gangs: the Jets and the Sharks). If I remember rightly the fights are carefully choreographed and "finger snaps" refers to the clicking sound the members of the gangs make with their fingers (in time to the music) as they confront each other.
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    I agree with Momerath.

    Try searching youtube or somewhere like that for "sharks vs. jets" for examples of these musical numbers.
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