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Hello everybody,

On condition that the following two sentences are identical in meaning, I would like to know which one sounds more natural to you.

1) It would be my great pleasure to help your relative.
2) It would be a great pleasure for me to help your relative.

#1 is a quote from an English grammar book.
#2 is a sentence I came across on Internet.

Thank you in advance,

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    Hullo Azuki. This is my personal opinion: neither of them sounds like natural 'normal everyday' spoken English. Both are perfectly grammatical ... but both are very formal. (2) is just a more long-winded way of saying (1).

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    A agree with Ewie that these are not the kind of sentences you would use in everyday speech, but #1 sounds like something you might right in a courteous letter or note.

    One thing though - we would be unlikely to say "... to help your relative." If someone asks us to do a favor for a family member, the specific relationship is likely to be mentioned.

    A: My sister will be visiting your city next month. Could you possibly meet her at the airport?
    B: It would be my pleasure to help your sister.

    A: My uncle is looking for a new camera. You know a lot about cameras. Could you give him some advice?
    B: It would be my pleasure to help your uncle.
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