My heart, my soul, my life

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by morbel, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. morbel New Member

    I am getting my first tattoo, and I want to honor my Italian heritage with the following : my heart, my soul, my life. This is in reference to my two little girls. Thank you very much!!
  2. morgana

    morgana Senior Member

    uhm... quite hard, as it should be a plural....

    If singular it would be "Cuore mio, anima mia, vita mia"
    But "Cuori miei, anime mie, vite mie" (plural) is very ugly and it's not something an Italian would say....

    Any suggestions?
  3. ant Member

    in my opinion you say 'cuore mio!' to the person you love. There is a love song '...anima mia...' by an Italian pop group and 'vita mia' is a typical word you can whisper to your girlfriend. I suppose we say this way meaning ‘you are the life for me, and your life belongs to me’

    but when you want to say 'it's my life' (as in Bon Jovi’ song), meaning that your family, your friends, everything you love or are used to do IS your life, you say 'è il mio mondo', 'è la mia vita', stressing ‘mio', as in English, and referring to your life in general

    so in my opinion you could translate your words literally: ‘il mio cuore, la mia anima, la mia vita'; this is even more evident if you name your kids too:
    ‘John e Ann : il mio cuore, la mia vita, la mia anima'
  4. carlafed Senior Member

    Maybe on a tatoo you need something very short and can just put
    cuore - anima - vita
    In a sentence, I would say
    Voi siete il mio cuore, la mia anima e la mia vita
    (you are my heart, my soul, my life)
    I do not think it should be plural, because you daughter are two, but you (heart, soul and life) are just one person
  5. theplanner Member

    Velletri - Rome - Italy
    ITALY- Italian
    "il mio cuore, la mia anima, la mia vita"
    is clear and strong and touching too!

    Welcome, ITALIANO! :) :cool: ;)
    ciao for now
  6. Italian Girl Member

    Italy Italian
    I would write it wothout the articles:
    mio cuore, mia anima, mia vita...
  7. morbel New Member

    So in Italian if I wanted to say "my heart, my soul, my life" it would be mio cuore, mia anima, mia vita? the word "my" in reference to me would be masculine since I am a man would that change anything in the translation?
  8. jean1938 Senior Member

    What about "cuore ~ anima ~ e vita mia".
    To me, it sounds much better for a tattoo,
    instead of repeat mia and mio each time.

    Concerning your last question:
    The word "my" qualifies the words heart, soul and life,
    and not you directly, so it doesn't change anything.
    It is the same spelling for a man or a woman.
    In english life and heart are neutral.
    But in Italian, cuore is masculine (mio cuore).
    Vita is feminine, (mia vita). (Be you a man or a woman :D )

    Hope to be of some help.


  9. ant Member

    From a grammatical point of view, 'my' corresponds to 'il mio/la mia'. You don't say 'the my life' (error) since 'my' works as definite article too ; in Italian you may choose among

    'una mia vita', a life of mine
    'mia vita', I don't know how we could render this in English, probably it's impossible
    'la mia vita', my life
  10. jean1938 Senior Member

    My answer would have been different
    if it were not for a tattoo.

    Mia vita in english would be my life.
    In italian, you can say "fa core, vita mia".
    You don't always use "la" nececessarily?
    Correct me if I'm wrong... ;)

    Buona notte! :)

  11. ant Member

    jean, I didn't intend to say your translation isn't correct! :) it's good and spontaneous instead (not only for a tatoo)! I wanted only to point out that 'my' doesn't correspond grammatically to 'mio' without article.

    here it's a rainy day, :( estate, dove sei? snif, snif
  12. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Now, the point is: what's the difference between "vita mia" and "la mia vita"?
    The first one is more appropriate in lyrics or a poem, not in everyday life, though "la vita mia" is used in the south of Italy, while "la mia vita" can be used on any occasion. Got it? ;)
  13. jean1938 Senior Member

    Here risplende Il sole. (Is it correct???)
    I dropped intentionally "la" because I didn't want to confuse to much...
    People sometime try to translate EVERY word litterally...

    We have to accept that each language is different.

    To translate literally "la mia vita" which is correct in italian...
    I would have to say "la mienne vie" and... that would be bad french.
    It doesn't exist in french.

    They have to accept that "la mia vita = ma vie", period!
    We can't explain why there is no word for "la".
    It's just like that!... :D

    Like in english we say: "it's mine"
    which in french would be translated by: "C'est le mien (la mienne).

    Have a nice day.... ;)

  14. Leti New Member

    Italy, Italian
    I'll say my idea about that:
    "cuora anima vita" is very bad;
    the other possibilities are all correct, but as for me I prefer the complete one:
    il mio cuore, la mia anima e la mia vita
    If it's too long, you can eliminate one of these elements, because they mean more or less the same thing
  15. jean1938 Senior Member

    I suggested "cuore anima & vita".

    Why is it very bad?
    Could you explain so I can learn?? :)


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