My left toe!


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Would you please tell what does "My left toe" here means? is it a slang or idiom?

'And what is this with the GOrkha? It was always GUrkha. AND then there aren't even many Gurkhas here- some of course, and some newly retired ones coming in from Hong Kong, but otherwise they are only sherpas, coolies-"
"Anglicized spelling. They're just changing it to-"
"My left toe! why are they writing in English if they want to have Nepali taught in schools? These people are just louts, and that's truth, Noni...........'

Many thanks for your help.
It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.
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    Hullo Maryam. Things like that are usually just exclamations of disbelief: My big toe! My eye! My foot! ~ it works with various body parts:D


    If it is anything like "My foot! / my ass! /" it expresses disapproval / disbelief.


    - They've just opened "Penny" cafe around the corner.
    - Penny my foot! Five bucks for an espresso!

    - Penny my left toe - can also be used here. (hadn't heard it much though).
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