My legs hurt?


El Salvador, spanish
:) Hey everyone !

Well , when We workout ( do exercise) a lot , We feel very tired the next day ,tired enough that We can't even move some muscles because It hurts ( In this case mi legs ), so can I say : My legs hurts?

Help me please and do you know If there's an expression , a funny one to say that, in spanish we usually say " I feel like If I was hit by a car " Siento como si me hubiera atropellado un carro... Do you know a close one in english wiht the same meaning ... thank you !

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  • ElaineG

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    Hi Joe,

    Legs are plural, so you need to say "my legs hurt" (no s); hurts is singular as in my body hurts.

    I often say "I feel like I was run over by a truck" which is more or less the same idea as your Spanish expressions.


    Like ElaineG said, the Spanish expression would also make sense in english.
    Or things like " I feel like an elephant is sitting on me; like a thousand needles are poking my legs, like I've been hit by a baseball bat..." I don't know if there is one populare expression for that type of thing, but almost anything would work.


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    You could also say "I feel like I just ran a marathon"
    But blue is correct, you must say "my legs hurt"

    Kelly B

    USA English
    My legs are killing me... It's not as creative as the other suggestions, though.