My little baby / my yavru in Turkish


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Hello everybody,

I would kindly ask how the phrase “my little baby" or "my yavru”, that is along with the possessive pronoun ‘my’, is rendered in Turkish; perhaps bebeğim as the Google translator gives? Are "my yavru" the same as "my yavrum" and "my yavrumm'", as the Google translator gives?

Thank you in advance.
  • drowsykush

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    my little baby = bebeğim/yavrum (benim minik bebeğim)

    my yavru = benim yavru and my yavrum = benim yavrum are not the same. You should indicate that -m (yavru-m) at the end of it. If “your” baby is not emphasised, you don’t need to say “my yavrum”. Just “yavrum/bebeğim” is fine.