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  1. chou New Member

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    Looking for a French idiom that is a parent might use as a term of endearment for a child. Literally translates to "my little cabbage" is "mon petit chou" correct?

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. fetchezlavache

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    yes it is correct :)
  3. Tabac Senior Member

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    In the U.S., babies are brought by the stork. Is it not true that in France babies are found in the cabbage patch? Is there a relationship here?
  4. Steve Member

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    Good point, Tabac, maybe there is, what do the francophones say?
  5. OlivierG

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    I'm not sure about the relationship.
    In France, babies are either brought by a stork, or little boys born in a cabbage, and little girls in a rose.
    Anyway, "chou" is a tender expression for "cute": "il est chou"
    "un bout de chou" is a cute little child.
  6. Cuisinier Member

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    I looked up 'cherie' and 'mon petit chou' while searching for a term of endearment for a child from its mother. It also mentioned here 'poussin'. Obviously, 'cherie' has a femenine form, but if the child is a little girl, is there a femenine form for the other two? It was also mentioned that in France little boys are said to be brought by the stork or found in a cabbage patch, whereas girls are in a rose. Would this mean that little girls are called 'ma petite rose' instead of 'mon petit chou' which would be for boys? I'm sure I've heard 'cheri(e) used when talking to children, but maybe this is old-fashioned too, or is it in fact only used amourously.
  7. ptite_nala Member

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    Hi !
    "mon chou" can be used for either boys or girls, no relationship with the expression "born in a rose"...
    I'm a girl and my sister has always called me "mon bout de chou" !
    There are plenty of nickname for children such as "mon poussin", "mon sucre"...
    I would use "mon chéri" (but not "chéri")more amourously but some parents do call their child "mon chéri", just a matter of taste !
  8. Cuisinier Member

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    Thanks so much for the quick response. This site is amazing!
  9. vazhnayadevushka

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    For a girl, can you say "ma petite chou" or is it always "mon petit chou"?
  10. jann

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    It is the grammatical gender of the noun chou, not the biological sex of the person you are talking about, that dictates the agreement. :)

    Of course, many times we have one version of the noun for a female (une actrice, une brebis, etc.) and another version for a male (un acteur, un belier, etc.) but un chou is always just un chou, and so we say mon petit chou even in reference to a girl.
  11. vazhnayadevushka

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    Just checking! Thank you very much ^_^
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