My messages didn't get through


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I'm not sure what context I should give here, but let's consider a little conversation between two friends having network issues while chatting these days.

1. Ronny: Hey, I sent you a couple of messages yesterday, and you didn't respond. Is it a network problem again?
Jack: Oh, I only got one message.
Ronny: Perhaps the rest of them didn't get through.
2. now-
(Here both are online at the same time)
Ronny : Hey, can you please send me a video of us dancing at your birthday party?
Jack : yes,hang on?
Ronny : Damn, how much longer?
Jack: It's coming through; have some patience.

Yes, I have heard people say "go through" and "went through," but I'm unsure about "get through." and " come through" Is that common or is it simply wrong?
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