My mouth became watery = (that's making me hungry)

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In Persian, Turkish and Azerbaijani language we have a beautiful expression. We say "my mouth became watery"
We usually use this expression when we are looking at someone eating something good and when we see the food we wish we could eat or taste it too. I think in English it means.

Suppose that you are my close friend. We are both walking on the street. Suddenly, we see a girl eating hamburger.
I tell you: "wow, look.... (at the hamburger) my mouth became watery" (which means I wish I could eat one too)

Do you have such an expression? If you were in that condition, what would you say?

Thank you
  • DonnyB

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    "wow, look.... (at the hamburger) my mouth became watery"

    We'd say "Wow... that hamburger's making my mouth water." (in BE)


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    "Water" is a verb here: "My mouth is watering just looking at that hamburger!"

    So, never "watery," always the verb "to water." Here's the dictionary entry from WR, "water":
    • (intransitive) (of the eyes) to fill with tears
    • (intransitive) (of the mouth) to salivate, esp in anticipation of food (esp in the phrase make one's mouth water)
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