My name is Pavel Pin

Pavel Pin

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My name is Pavel Pin Is a old type of saying my name.
It is 21st century and computers leading the world, I want updated version of it.
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    Are you asking for a new name? Remember that this forum deals with words or phrases in English.

    Pavel Pin

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    update the expression. I am english question.

    My name is Pavel Pin.

    New Version: They call me Pavel Pin.

    I want newer version of expression.


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    Do you have an idea of how you might say this differently, Pavel Pin? And why do you think "My name is ____" is outdated?

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    My name is Pavel Pin – could be, depending on the context.
    The call me Pavel Pin – quite dramatic, something I would expect to hear in a book or a movie.
    Hello/Hi, I'm Pavel Pin – conversational; meeting someone for the first time and making introductions.
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