My name is Ting Pham Hoa --> What's my Junior's name ?


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Hello everyone, my real name is Pham Hoa Ting in vietnamese and when it's converted into an english name, it will be come "Ting Hoa Pham" --> Ting: First name ; Middle: Hoa and Family: Pham.

So now assuming that I have a son in the future and I don't know what to call him or what name I should give him, I will decide to add Junior after my name. So should it be: "Ting Junior" or I am wrong and there is actually a more precise way ?

My answer so my son name, which is based on my name (Ting Hoa Pham), is "Ting Junior".
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    It would be Ting Hoa Pham, Junior. Think of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Junior) His father's name was Martin Luther King. The "Junior" appears after the family name in English. When you speak to him you can call him "Ting Junior" or just "Junior" or whatever name you choose. :)


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    Technically, if you change the middle name, the son is not a "junior" even if his first and last names are the same as his father's.
    Father: John Matthew Smith
    Son: John William Smith:tick:
    Son: John William Smith, Junior:cross:


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    That would be the case for the 'formal' use of 'junior'.

    It can also be used informally. If there are two Mr Smiths in the room (father and son), you can say 'Mr Smith senior' to refer to the father and 'Mr Smith junior' to the son although they don't share given names (forenames, first names, Christian names).
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