My pants rustle as I walk.


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I've heard "Her skirt rustles as she walks."

But if your pantlegs rub against each other and make a funny nose (when you are in, say, nylon pants and walk fast),
is that also a "rustle"?

Help appreciated.
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    I've never heard rustle used that way. In fact, I'm not sure I've heard any term used for that. I would say, if I had to: My pant/trouser legs are rubbing against each other. And since that's so awkward, I wouldn't say it at all. :)


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    As Copyright has shown in post #2 there is an AE/BE difference here. If you say 'pants' in the UK most people think you are talking about underpants, and those of a woman as well. Which could be unfortunate.


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    I would never say "squeaking" about any article of clothing unless it's the sound of rubber against a wood floor or something.

    Rustling = the sound of dry leaves moving against each other. But yes, sometimes people use it for clothes, mainly loose clothes. I have to agree with copyright, it sounds so awkward trying to come up with a term to describe the sound of pant legs against each other. I'd just avoid it, or if I had to comment on it, I guess anything would work, but nothing would sound right.


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    I am a runner/jogger. I've had running pants that "squeak". They were a nylon blend. I don't think it's odd in the least. Just my opinion. Do you run/jog, Karen?
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