My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

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Mis padres celebraron el sexagésimo aniversario de boda.

Hello, all. Would this be the correct way to say that my parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary? Do I need to use cumplir like you do for birthdays?

  • Coming Round

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    Tu intento está bien, pero debes agregar el 'su' para indicar y no dejar dudas de que lo que festejan es el aniversario de ellos.
    'Mis padres celebraron su sexagésimo aniversario de bodas'. 'Mis padres celebraron el sexagésimo aniversario de su boda'.


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    It is perfect as it is. With birthday you could use a similar construction; Mi padre celebró su sexagésimo cumpleaños.

    By the way, although it is all right to use "el (sexagésimo aniversario)" you may use "su (sexagésimo aniversario)", which sounds just a bit more natural to me (just a bit).

    [I have just read Coming Round's previous comment; although I fully agree, it sounds all right, at least in this case, to use "el" here, so I would not take that as wrong if heard or read, nor would I interpret it as ambiguous at all (in this particular case, I mean). And yet, it is just a little more natural to use the possessive here]


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    Some avoid using sexagésimo and would rephrase it:
    Mis padres celebraron (sus) sesenta años de matrimonio.
    Mis padres celebraron su aniversario 60 de matrimonio.
    Mis padres celebraron sus 60 años de casados.

    There is nothing wrong with sexagésimo, but many avoid using ordinal numbers in everyday conversations.


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    I agree with Kibramoa "sexagésimo" is perfectly correct but it wouldn't be most people's first option, for me the most common are "...celebraron sus sesenta años de casados" or " celebraron su sesenta aniversario de bodas"
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