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Today something intersting happend. In the cafeteria the person behind me in the line paid for my tea and his abruptly and quickly said " my pleasure" . I wasn't aware of him until he paid for my tea because he was behind me.

I said " appreaciate that " and introduced myself to him ( like an ordinary introduction" . Maybe I had met him few years before. I have learned that " my pleasure" is in response to " thank you". I had never heard it in this context and didn't know what the response was to that besides " appreciate" that. Can you please explain it in this context and explain about the appropriate response?

Many thanks
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    "My pleasure" is a commonly used response to "thank you" and means roughly the same as "you're welcome." The speaker is indicating that it was a pleasure to do whatever it is you are thanking him for. There is no furtehr response needed.


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    Sometimes (the way I say it), 'my pleasure' gets shortened to just 'pleasure'. If someone said that to me, I would probably just nod and smile, though James's suggestion is good, or maybe 'Thank you again'.


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    He was answering the question you'd yet to ask. (Why'd you do that?) It was probably in the surprising look in your eyes. :) He was telling you he was doing it for no other reason than the pure pleasure of being nice to you.

    If you smiled (I'm sure you did.) and somehow conveyed you were pleased, (Thank you. That's very nice of you to do that!) he got the reaction he was aiming for.

    In this context, it was a generous, charming gesture followed by an equally kind response.

    Even if you stammered a nonsensical reply, you couldn't have made a mistake!
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