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    Hello, I'm quite a beginner in Tagalog, so I'll be asking some very basic questions, just like this one: how do you say: "my pleasure" in tagalog?

    Ikinalulugod ko?
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    Correct, if you are using it as part of greeting new acquaintances, as in It was my pleasure to meet you. You could also use ikinagagalak ko:

    Ikinalulugod / Ikinagagalak ko na makilala ka.

    However, ikinalulugod / ikinagagalak both resonate a bit formal in the same way that it was a pleasure to meet you does. Except perhaps in business and other formal settings, one would more commonly say nice to meet you (particularly in AE) instead of it was a pleasure to meet you. In a similar way, one could simply say enchanté(e) instead of the more formal sounding c'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer / de faire votre connaissance. Ikinalulugod / ikinagagalak both share that somewhat formal tone. Colloquially, that bit of pleasantry is usually skipped and new acquaintances simply forge ahead and exchange questions (Kamusta ka? Mabuti. Taga saan ka? Manila. Eh ikaw, taga saan ka?....) Very commonly too, Taglish would be employed and you would actually hear nice to meet you quite commonly.

    If you are using it in response to a thank you, as in Ikinalulugod kong mapagsilbihan kayo, it would again sound formal in the same manner that it has been my pleasure to serve you does. Just as in AE one would commonly respond to thank you with welcome / you're welcome (or de rien instead of Je vous en prie), in Tagalog it would be more common to say walang anuman (de rien / it was nothing / no bother).

    There are many other applications for ikinalulugod ko --Ikinalulugod kong makita ka / sabihin / malaman / marinig, etc. -- all of which sound a bit formal, particularly when spoken.
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  3. Valeuraph New Member

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    Thank you for this very complete explanation. I do realize I have to be more precise in my questions because you're right it wasn't clear if I was asking for "my pleasure to meet you" or for the response to "thank you". The latter was the one I had in mind.

    Maraming salamat (po)!
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    If you like her/him or what it says just say "Isang kaluguran sa akin".

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