My share of sand kicked in my face

Loreta Sánchez

Spanish - Cuba
Hola chicos,

Otra vez necesito de su invaluable ayuda.
Estaba leyendo una canción de Queen, "We are the champions", y me tropecé con este verso: "... and bad mistakes, I´ve made a few. I´ve had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I have come trhough..."

Esta última frase "I´ve had my share of sand kicked in my face" para mi es como una metáfora. ?Podría traducirla como "me han derrotado"?
  • gengo

    Senior Member
    American English
    The metaphor refers to how muscular bullies used to kick sand in the face of thin, weak men at the beach, and has come to be used in the meaning of facing adversity from people who don't respect you. In other words, "I have had many people tell me I'm not good, but I have persevered."
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