my skills will contribute to your company's success

Discussion in 'English Only' started by uktous, Jan 7, 2010.

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    This is a question on my job application form:
    Please describe how your personal qualities would contribute to our success.

    My question:
    Can I say "my skills will contribute to your company's success"?

    My answer for the application form question:
    I am confident that my skills will contribute to your company's success.
    I have team working skills, which can make your company operate more smoothly.

    My opinion:
    I feel strange, because noone can guarantee that my skills must make the company successful.
    However, if I don't answer something like this, my answer will be very weak.
    I would like to see other people's opinions about whether "contribute" is appropriately used in my sentence.

  2. bibliolept

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    It's precisely the sort of phrasing I'd expect in such a context, personally.
  3. chasfh Senior Member

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    Sounds good! You might consider tweaking the next sentence:

    I have excellent teamwork skills, and I look forward to helping your company reach your goals.
  4. sdgraham

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    This question shows that the employer is looking for specifics.

    The above, in my opinion, appears to be an attempt to avoid the question.

    I learned recently, that companies are looking for some specific buzzwords in responses to questions like this. Note that they asked about "personal qualities" in the question, NOT "skills."

    I would try to work in such buzz words as "flexibility," "loyalty," "team-building," "teamwork" (as suggested above), eagerness to learn, "patience," "work ethic," etc.
  5. uktous Senior Member

    personal qualities

    Sorry, I guessed personal qualities include skills, abilities, expereicen, interest and characteristic before.

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