my sole pleasure

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I am basically writing a cover letter for a job. What I want to express is that I would be very happy to spend my time in Spain. Does the sentence below convey that meaning?

"It would be my sole pleasure to spend my time in Spain."

Thanks for your help!
  • Uncle Jack

    Senior Member
    British English
    No. "Pleasure" is the wrong word.

    "Pleasure" is something of an odd word in English. While something can give you pleasure (which is the meaning you are trying to convey, but this is not as good a "be happy" or "would like"), it has other uses which aren't really related to enjoyment. "It would be my pleasure" is a way of saying that you are happy (or at least willing) to do something for someone else, and you might be interested to know that life prisoners in Britain are "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure". I don't think the Queen particularly enjoys this, but it is she (in practice, the Home Secretary) who decides when they will be released.
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