My stomach/eyes is/are burning


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In Mandarin, how would you say something like, "My stomach is burning"? Could you say, "我的肚子发烧“ or does 发烧 only mean fever? What about 发热?
If you wanted to say, "My eyes are burning", would you have to say "我的眼睛发痒”,or is there a way to convey burning, rather than itching?
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    肚子燒燒的, 肚子燒疼 (胃熱,胃火過旺)
    眼睛辣辣的, 眼睛燒痛 (眼紅,眼火過旺)
    我感覺眼睛熱熱的/燒燒的/辣辣的. 眼睛有燒灼感.
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    I would say "My stomach is burning" is 我的胃里烧得慌, as mentioned by #3

    "My eyes are burning" only says itching, not burning. "我眼睛辣辣的"/"我眼睛火辣辣的痛" would do the job describing it.
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