My timing has been off


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Hello everybody,

I'm translating a text called " We ten million" from The Economist and I have some difficulties to translate this expression " my timing has been off".
Here is the paragraph to put the expression into the context. Thank you for your help.


This is enough to give the struggling writer pause. Meanwhile, the publishing industry itself is undergoing some discouraging changes. New numbers show that even successful authors earn far less money from books than they used to. In an industry driven by hunger for the next blockbuster, the chances of making a living as a writer are slimmer now than ever. My timing has always been off, I told my husband, fellow journalist and leading fan, whose job maintains the roof above our heads. Just as I’d decided to tackle another draft of my new novel—in search of that great, elusive shape that might translate into sales—the market had moved on.
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