my timing was off


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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

W. Gretzky describe his return after an injury.

"I wasn’t playing well—and you reward players for how they’re playing now, not for their past history. I didn’t want to take time from the other guys who were contributing. And yet I had to catch up because my timing was off, and even though I was in shape, I wasn’t in playing shape."

I take "I had to catch up" to mean "I had to regain my playing shape."
But what's the meaning of "my timing was off"?
Does it refer to his actions on the ice, meaning that he was too late?

Thank you.
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    I think so. I think he means things like when he shot for a goal he would shoot a bit too soon or a bit too late instead of at the exact best time, like he used to do. Or when he passed the puck, he didn't time it right so it didn't always go to his teammate like he intended.


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    "Timing was off" could mean that he was slightly slow in his motions and reactions or that he was not "in sync" (in synchrony) with the moves and passes of the other players on his team.

    "Catch up" does not necessarily correspond only to the idea of timing alone. Instead, it could refer to his having to make progress to be on par with his teammates both in terms of "timing" and in terms of being in "playing shape."
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