My tomorrows are promised to no one

  • MacArtistJoe said:
    How would you say: "My tomorrows are promised to no one (or nobody)".

    Tanti Grazie (for this and the previous translations as well)


    Il mio futuro (or "il mio domani") non è promesso a nessuno.
    It's not a very "spontaneous" sentence in Italian though....

    You'd better wait for other ideas.

    yes, not spontaneous but the meaning is
    "il mio futuro non è stato promesso a nessuno"

    so if it is a chance I suggest to keep it noooooow.
    My personal translation:

    A nessuno prometto i miei domani. (concise and direct)

    But if you want, you can supply us with a deeper concept of what you wanted to convey.