my very impression was that...


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Hello !
Can I say :

"In conclusion, our very impression was that this company looks like a large family in which several members form different groups to do the chores."

Context : I want to sum up a study conducted in a very friendly company

Thanks for you answers!!
  • Riverby

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    No, you can't say this. You can say: "Our impression was that ..." or "We had the strong impression that ...". or "we were very impressed with the company, which looks like a ..."


    British English
    I think maybe:

    'In conclusion, the company gave us the impression of being a....'
    'to us, the company seemed like a...'
    'the company reminded as of a...'

    are perhaps a little more fluid. 'Our very impression' isn't really said, and the whole construction with 'very' giving emphasis to a pronoun is also a little outdated.

    (If you were willing to change the construction a little) I think it would also work for you to say something along the lines of: The company seemed to us more like a large family, in which all the members work together to get things done.