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Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by keiriot, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. keiriot New Member

    Quebec, Canada
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    Hi everyone,
    Some days ago I have found this in a garage sale, this amazing knife had some weird langage script on it which got me really excited to know what it meant, I've made some reasearch and it seems to be kind of an european language but I really dont find which one, it has 2 images on it one of a woman and one of a man dressed with traditional clothes, I would like you to help me to solve this mystery, thanks a lot.

    image_1367028682696581.jpg ( image_1367028682696559.jpg image_1367028682696498.jpg )
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  2. Treaty Senior Member

    The costumes are Cypriot. I can see a few δ, ε and φ. It should be Greek.
  3. keiriot New Member

    Quebec, Canada
    Bolivian Spanish

    Thank you very much I already found the meaning: Either you are five or ten my Cretan knife fears no-one, so you better be going.
    And you are right It's greek.
  4. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    Actually it's a traditional Cretan dagger, inscribed with decapentasyllabic (i.e. iambic verse of fifteen syllables) short poems (a common metric form in Medieval and Modern Greek poetry) called «μαντινάδα» (nom. fem. sing.)/«μαντινάδες» (nom. fem. pl.) often praising the bravery of the holder of the knife, or the knife itself. From what I was able to decipher it reads:
    «Αν είστε πέντε φύγετε κι αν
    είστε δέκα ελάτε το κρητικό
    μαχαίρι μου κανένα δε φοβάται»

    (a loose translation by me):
    If you are five, better leave;
    if you are ten, then come
    my Cretan dagger is scared of no-one"
    (in Greek it sounds much better, it rhymes)
  5. Treaty Senior Member

    Thank you. I just saw these costumes in Cretan wardrobe too.
    Anyway, is that common to write μ like those in "μαχαίρι" and "μου"? Particularly the latter seems reverse.
  6. sotos Senior Member

    Simply it is a badly written μ. I hope you didn't pay much for this knife.
  7. keiriot New Member

    Quebec, Canada
    Bolivian Spanish
    not really, some around 10 Canadian dollars, I found it in a garage sale, I found that It was so cheap, and the weird language on it pushed me to buy it, I'm way too curious, thank you all guys for your help!

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