n°1 de type œdème avec infiltration

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Par exemple, si le médecin a évalué une réaction aux sites d’injection n°1 de type œdème avec infiltration, le score pour ce site sera de 5 (2+3).

For example, if a physician gave an injection site a n°1 for edema with infiltration, the score for this site will be 5 (2+3).

I'm not sure whether n°1 is the site number or the score number. This is a study about injection site reactions. I'm just trying to be sure that I'm understanding correctly. Thanks for any suggestions/corrections:)
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    I would have the same question, and--without additional information--come to the same conclusion that you have.

    Qu'en pensent les francophones?


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    I believe n°1 is the site number. The physician evaluates the reaction at site #1 as an "edema with infiltration."
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