Não some não!

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English- USA
can anyone explain what "não some não" means? I understand the direct translation and the sentiment, but they don't add up... what would be the English equivalent?

obrigada galera!
  • hlefay

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    Portuguese - Brazil
    literally, "não some não" means "don't disappear". it's an informal way to say goodbye to someone and ask them to keep in touch. the only equivalent i can think of right now would be "don't be a stranger", which i believe conveys the same message -- although the literal translation is completely different.


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    Portugues - Brasileiro
    "não some não" means to not disappear
    The second "não" is enphasizing "não some" = do not disappear
    some = sumir (scram, disappear) verb and not somar (add up) verb
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