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French (lower Normandy)
nénette nfenfantin (sexe féminin) (UK, slang)fanny n
vagina n

"fanny" est noté comme vulgaire en enbase
fanny nUK, vulgar, slang (female genitals) (vulgaire)chatte, foune nf
(familier)foufoune nf
Pourrait-on l'utiliser comme en français pour s'adresser à de très jeunes enfants ?
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    Nooo, I mean, it is vulgar, but also just sort of a bit naughty. It's a word that most children almost certainly know and wouldn't really get into trouble for using, but probably not one you would use with children - especially not very small ones. I don't really think we have an equivalent (unfortunately, most of the slang terms for this are not cutesy). I've put in some more family-friendly choices though.