número - €2.12 (in English)

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Hola compañeros de viaje, ¿cómo decís esto los angloparlantes?:

2.12 €

Mi suposición:

two euro/pounds with twelve cents.

  • aztlaniano

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    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    two euros/pounds and twelve cents.
    This is the formal way to say it (although in the case of pounds it would be "12 pee", but more frequent would be: "two twelve" (the dollars/euros and the cents, or pounds and pence, are understood).
    "Two twelve" could also be 212 pounds/dollars/euros, say if you are buying a piece oif furniture, but I you are buying only a kilo of tomatoes you woud take it as two dollars/euros/pounds and 12 cents/pence.
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    In British English we would say two pound twelve/ten pound twelve, or, more often than not, we miss out the "pound" e.g. £2.50 = two fifty. "And" is never really used.

    'P' refers to pence in British currency (equivalent of cents in U.S or euros). E.g. £0.99 = 99p

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