Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF)

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  1. DeeDee Senior Member

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    Spanish Argentina
    What's the meaning of N.I.F.? I saw it at the beginning of a CV, below the person's name.

  2. Devaa Member

    Spain Spanish

    NIF= Numero de Identificacion Fiscal

  3. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English
    So, would that be a national identification number? A tax ID number?
  4. cloudy_ Member

    UK / English
    Hi. Is the CV in Spanish or in English? If it's in English, what country is it from? (I think we'd need to know this ;)).
  5. Devaa Member

    Spain Spanish
    I think it refers better to a national identification number of an company or business, but I'm not completely sure... maybe is also applied to the persons...
  6. Iararo Senior Member

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    Spanish - Argentina
  7. Devaa Member

    Spain Spanish
    Perdon, rectifico. Esto es lo que dice Wikipedia sobre el NIF:

    El Número de identificación fiscal (NIF) es el sistema de identificación tributaria utilizada en España para las personas físicas (con documento nacional de identidad (DNI) o número de identificación de extranjero (NIE) asignados por el Ministerio del Interior).

    Mis disculpas
  8. melang-ming-ghao Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Hi, to all:

    Yes, here in Spain is referred as a tax ID number. The number is set by your Identity Card Number + a letter. For example: 57432844Z.


    PS: English people, pls. let me know my mistakes or alternate phrases. Thank you.
  9. cloudy_ Member

    UK / English
  10. DeeDee Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    The CV comes either from the US or from the UK. I still don't get what it means! Any more ideas? It's problably National Identification something.
  11. dellybelephant Member

    UK, english
    I think the english equivalent would be National Insurance number, I dont think we would usually write it on our CV but that seems to be the only likely thing it would be if it was on a CV. hope that helps :)
  12. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
    DeeDee, is this a filled form? If so, what comes after N.I.F.? If not, is there an obvious space to fill in?

    I ask because of all the meanings given here


    the only one to be remotely likely to apply would be "Not Industrially Funded", but then nothing should come next to it...
  13. George Wilson New Member

    N.I.F.= TIN or ITIN or commonly known as "Tax ID"
    TIN = Taxpayer Identification Number
    ITIN - Individual Taxpayer Indentification Number
    EIN = Employer Indentification Number

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