někdo, někde, někdy, říkal

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  1. happymama New Member

    někdo, někde, někdy, říkal
    I would like to know what this means? Somebody, sometime, something, and ...what dose říkal mean?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Roy776

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    1) Somebody, somwhere, sometime, he said.
    2) Somebody, somewhere, sometime, said... (with 'said' referring to 'somebody'.)

    Řikal is the past form of imperfective říkat (perf.: říct) meaning 'to say'.

    Some more context might be useful, though.
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  3. Tchesko

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    Yes, without any further context, the sentence just means "Someone once said somewhere..." The original sentence is incomplete as it doesn't specify what was said.

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