Nα μην χάσουμε την ημέρα


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Australia, English
Hello again! In conversation, I heard the sentence 'we mustn't lose/waste the day' and it was expressed as such:

Nα μην χάσουμε την ημέρα

Can I ask whether I've written the above sentence correctly and specifically whether μην would be written that way or as μη? I'd like to best represent the spoken dialogue rather than change it to anything more formal etc.

Thank you!

  • Acestor

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    You definitely need to drop the "ν", but, perhaps more importantly, in colloquial speech you could also say "τη μέρα". It doesn't, however, make a huge difference — it's not one of those simplifications where one form stands out as very formal and the other one as very colloquial. In any case:
    Να μη χάσουμε την ημέρα. OR Να μη χάσουμε τη μέρα.
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