Nは~こと、 ~ことだ


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Hello, everybody:

I´m new to the forum and although I´ve always come here to clear up many doubts, this time I couldn´t find an answer to this question.

I´m learning Japanese and while reading a book I came accross this structure:


I´ve checked out some grammar books but all I could found was that this is a structure to show reasons, causes, etcetera. Still, I´m not sure I have fully understood how to use it, so I appeal to your guidance.

My try on the phrase would be:

The reason why the population of this village has dropped is the inconvenient traffic, so there are few stores.

As you can see, it doesn´t make much sense.

I thank you in advance for your help on this!
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    There are (two) reasons why the population of this village has dropped, one;the traffic being inconvenient, two; there being few stores.