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Hi there,
Je trouve "n-1" dans une liste de cibles pour un projet d'entreprise.
Je comprends "niveau -1" donc les personnes avec un niveau hierarchique direcetement en dessous du niveau dont on parle.
Quelqu'un a une idée pour le dire en anglais... je n'ai pas beaucoup de place car c'est dans une présentation, forcément, sionon ce serait trop facile ;)

I think the "n-1" in French means "niveau -1" (level -1) in hierarchical terms. Any ideas for a way to say this in English. I need something very short as it's in a presentation.

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    I don't think so because it says "Population 1, population 2, population ", population 4 and then Population n-1, Population n"

    would "n" means "année" in another context ? where does the "n" come from in that case ?


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    No, n doesn't mean année. It's a variable, just like a number.
    In French you can often hear "l'année n-1" for example to mean the year before the year of reference (year n) in any kind of project.
    I thought it was the same in English, now I'm getting confused :confused:


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    As boterham said, it's just a number. In algebra you can describe a series of number as: 1,2,3,...,n. In your example, there are "n" populations, meaning that either the actual number is unknown, or that it is indifferent. "n-1" is only there to emphasize the regularity of the series.



    n-1 in France in big company, employees usually say n-1 or n+1 (boss) or even you can hear them saying n+2 (bosses booing (pyan dixit)), it sounds silly though.

    so n-1 would mean the subordinates.

    hope it could help.

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    Name of variable stands for the initial of the word :

    niveau n-1
    jour j-1
    année a-1

    Like in "le jour J" or "L'heure H"
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