na quinta ou as quintas?

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    I'm trying to figure out how to translate the 'on' when using days of the week (ie. on Thursday/s), but Iv'e seen different words used.
    Sometimes it's 'na' and sometimes 'as'...

    Normalmente vamos ao cinema às quintas-ferias.
    Tenho auka de aerobica na quinta.

    Is it just because one is singular and one is plural? But isn't the plural of 'na' 'nas'?

    Or is there some other reason for using different prepositions? Could we also say 'à quinta-feria' or 'nas quintas-ferias​'?
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    It's feira, not feria.

    When you say "Vamos ao cinema às quintas", you mean that you do it every Thursday.
    When you use "na", you're refering to an especific day. "Tenho aula na quinta" probably means that you'll have classes on next Thursday, but sometimes, it can also mean "on the Thursday of each week" (another way to say every Thursday).
    We don't say "à quinta-feira" but it's possible to say: "Nas quintas-feiras ele vai ao cinema." (it doesn't sound well, but it's possible).

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