Na razie rany wolno się goją...


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Hey everyone,

I've just joined the forum and look forward to hanging out with the group here...such a fun gang (I've been reading for a bit).

I have a question/request to throw out... I'm translating a note from a friend in Poland, whose sister has been in the hospital during my friend's visit there. In this context, she wrote me a note in which the following sentence occurred:

"Na razie rany wolno się goją i musi leżeć jeszcze przynajmniej 2-3 tygodnie, zanim wyjdzie i będzie mogła jeździć tylko na zmianę opatrunku"

I'm only looking for help with the first 6 words: "Na razie rany wolno się goją..." - the rest seems clear to me.

It would be good to find out what infinitive (bezokolicznik) "się goją" comes from!

My favorite resource is (of course) www . dict . pl and have 301 verbs etc... but am having a little trouble with this.

Thanks for reading!

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    "Na razie rany wolno się goją i ..."

    means more or less "So far the injuries heals slowly and ...".

    "goić się" means "to heal" (injuries, wounds)