Nabal was a fool, so God gave his wife to David


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This sentence comes from a Bible story.

Here's my attempt:
Nabal era un prost, așa că Dumnezeu i-a dat soția lui lui David.

My question is, can you put two "lui"s together as in "lui lui"? The first "lui" is "his wife" "soția lui" and the second "lui" is "to David" "lui David".
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    In principle is preferred to avoid the double lui - lui construction which could be done by using for the first lui the other form of the possessive pronoun lui, which is sa: i-a dat-o pe soția sa lui David however, this does not help much with the ambiguity created by the two pronouns in series because soția sa doesn't determine unequivocally whose wife she is 😎

    A less ambiguous translation would be something like this :
    "...așa că Dumnezeu i-a dat lui David pe soția lui Nabal."
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