nacho cheese

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    I'm not sure what you mean but as far as I know "nachos" are tortilla chips covered in melted cheese. I don't think they get their name from a kind of cheese but probably their inventor. Let us know what you want exactly with your question as I don't think there is a "formaggio nacho" in Italian.

    I found this and it may help :


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    Si, si dice i nachos come in inglese, quindi penso che il formaggio sia nacho, ma non ho mai sentito una cosa del genere.


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    Well. i am teaching an italian 1 class new vocabulary and two of the new words is "potato chips" and "flavor." So i am bringing in potato chips to class and asking them in itlaian what flavor they have. So if their Doritos say "NACHO CHEESE" i wanted to know the correct way to say that in italian... Thank you for the link to wikipedia!! But i will tell them "formaggio nacho."


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    Non so se ho capito bene, ma non credo che possa essere 'formaggio nacho', è più probabile che sia 'nacho al formaggio'.
    Secondo il DeMauro: na|cho
    ES sp. TS gastr., piatto della cucina messicana consistente in una specie di tortilla farcita con formaggio e salse piccanti.

    E qui si parla del 'nacho cheese'.
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