Nadeln (verb)


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Just wondering if anyone recognises this as a technical term? It seems to be a way of roughing up metal foils mechanically.

Thanks for any suggestions.
  • I'm not sure whether that's what's meant or not: it may just be scratching with a needle rather than actually perforating :(

    In my school time "das Nadeln" (neuter) was a synonym for "Nadelarbeit" (sewing) and the corresponding verb was "nadeln" = mit der Nadel nähen (see also Grimm's German dictionary). ("Die Nadeln" is the plural for "die Nadel" (female, needle).)

    "Nadeln" is also a verb to describe when a fir looses the needels. "Die Tanne/Fichte nadelt" = sie verliert ihre Nadeln.

    Do you have any context?
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