nailed the baseball pool [nail]

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A woman complains about her financial situation. Her lover says that his financial situation is good. She says: "Sandwich guy told me you nailed the baseball pool". Does it mean that he won a lot of money? Then he adds : "No, really, I'm coming into a little piece of property up in Lancaster myself. I'll probably unload it". Could you paraphrase this conversation for me? What will he unload?
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    A "baseball pool" is a way of betting on baseball games. He apparently won, although we don't know how much money was involved.

    You need to start a new thread with your second question. Don't forget to tell us the source of these quotes! :)


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    In a sports pool, you try to guess something about the outcome. He got exactly the right answer. We don't know if there was money involved, but he did win.
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