Najboljom cimericom

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    Good evening everyone,
    I have a question regarding the declination of adjectives like njegov, njezin, njihov. My professor told me that we have to declinate them like as if they were nouns, so for example njegova dečka, (instead of njegovog dečka). But in the Instrumental form of ženski rod, for example najbolja cimerica, how is it?NajboljOm cimericom or najboljEm cimericom?
    My professor told me that in the instrumental form we have to use always -im, even if we consider njegov, njezin and njihov nouns,
  2. thegreathoo Senior Member

    The answer is najboljom-om cimeric-om.

    However, in instrumental

    Njezin-im (najboljim-im) cimerom
    Njegov-im cimerom
    njihov-im cimerima
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    Italiano- Italia
    Thanks!But as "lj" is a palatal shoulnd't I avoid the us of "om" and use "em" as a suffix?
  4. thegreathoo Senior Member

    Obviously not, you should not avoid it, "najboljom cimercom" is the way to say it. "Dao sam knjigu najboljem drugu" ( I gave the book to my best friend, (musculine)). I do not think that is even the rule for words created by iotation, palatal approximation. For example, dalek, dal-ji, dalji, daljem, daljim (far).
  5. itreius Senior Member

    Note that drug is not the word for "friend" in Croatia (I assume HocusPocus93 is learning the Croatian variant if his teacher tells him that he has to use njegova dečka and not njegovog dečka).

    You can use prijatelj or colloquially frend. Drug in its usage refers almost exclusively to the communist concept of comrade.
  6. jakowo Senior Member


    Or he confounded it with the Russian meaning of друг.

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