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  1. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member


    "He faked a pitch left to the running back, then sprinted right on a naked bootleg.

    I know the bootleg. I didn't know that it could be also naked. :eek:
  2. mgarizona

    mgarizona Senior Member

    Phoenix, AZ
    US - American English
    Is this cricket? I don't know what a bootleg is but if it's not entirely kosher it's likely 'naked' is used in a sense like 'bold-faced,' 'flagrant.'
  3. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    mgarizona : as said, it's football/
  4. funnyhat Senior Member

    Michigan, USA
    American English
    It means that the quarterback ran around the end without any blockers in front of him (leaving him "naked" in front of the defense).
  5. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Milles Merrecy…:tick:

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