nalgas, cachetes, trasero, ano, culo

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  1. JB

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    I believe that nalgas are "butt cheeks" (2 per person), cachetes slang for the same thing, trasero for the entire "rear end", and ano is the anus, the tiny aperture through which things exit, sometimes enter. "Culo" is the most slang of these, and so probably has more variations in regional meanings. Aside from me being a male, and therefore interested in all things dirty, these terms do come up in medical and casual situations. I suppose I could put this in the Medical forum, but it does not seem technical enough/
    Any input?
  2. Pr0x1mo Senior Member

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    Whats your question? Or you just wanted to know if you were right on all translations?
  3. Cereth

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    language of love
    i recommend you to say:"glúteos" it is correct and used by doctors and when you try to sound polite.
  4. chucho

    chucho Banned

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    México, Español
    I'm agree with cereth, you can say "glúteos" even "nalgas".
  5. mirx Banned

    It is "nalgas" indeed the correct name for the "rear end" as you call it, and it's widely acceptable in medical conversations, Still it's not very well seen when spoken in public. About "cachetes", that's more like cheeks, though some poeple (vulgar) do use it to mean buttocks.
  6. cascade Member

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    There are MANY regional variations. The informal term (not medical) that I have seen and heard lately, at least in Mexican Spanish, is pompis.
  7. Moritzchen Senior Member

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    Spanish, USA
    Cascade is right. If you are interpreting for a Spanish speaker, they might not like "nalgas", "pompis" or "asentaderas" are good alternatives.
  8. padredeocho Banned

    United States
    My friend from Spain told me that where he was from CULO was not offensive, it was like fanny to an American (NOT a BRIT!). He said he used it with a Mexican, and the Mexican got VERY offended because it means ASS to them. A Mexican told me that COLA is like BUTT to them, and pompis or nalgas is more like the US fanny or rear. (Remember, FANNY is very offensive in Britain, but is not offensive at all in the U.S.)
  9. mariposita

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    This is true--though culito/culete are often used to soften it a bit. Trasero is also used as a euphemism to mean rear-end.
  10. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    In the U.S. "fanny" is a very, very inoffensive (old fashioned) term for the buttocks

    Re what "fanny" means in Britain, a British waitress explained to me, in hushed tones, after looking around to make sure no one else could hear her, that for her the term refers to "the front bit" (of the female, of course).

    Re "pompis", I that this was almost a children's term. In a TV show entitled "Los Recien Casados" (patterned after a U.S. show The Newlyweds) this was the term they used for a TV family show.
    Similarly, for "making love" their term was "haciendo cuchi cuchi". (The U.S. show used "making whoopee.")

    Gracias a todos por la variedad global de respuestas.
  11. don maico

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    Actually its not that offensive, the c word is far worse or as we say 'see you next tuesday'
  12. chics

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    Catalan - Spanish
    While writting I would use "glúteos".

    If you are a doctor and you're talking to a patient, you can say "nalgas", or "glúteos", too. If the patient is a baby that comes with his parents, you could be a little more informal and say also "trasero".

    In an informal conversation with friends or family, we usually say "culo", it's very informal, but not offensive at all.

    In Spain you must avoid to use "pompis", please, unlees you are talking with a very old lady (and although she would preferred "glúteos" or "nalgas"). It sounds so terrifiing cursi...

    La "colita" or "cola" is one of the thousands of words that -in this case, children- use for the penis.
  13. ricardoromerogonzalez Member

    I think "derriere" is better. For example, Jenifer Lopez has a beatiful derriere!

    What do u think?
  14. pilipina Senior Member

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    English & filipino dialect
    I also medical interpret, and would say that "pompis" is a nice rendition of "buns". Scoot your butt or your buns back would be, "Mueve sus pompis para atrás". Even in medical situations, doctors use colloquial language. I have also heard something like "your backside". "Su parte trasera" I think, and was researching this when I ran into this thread. These are the 2 terms I did not see included.
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