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    Hello, dear all!

    My friend's name is Elana. I found this name quite interesting and beautiful. When I asked her what her name means, she said she knew only it comes from Greek, but she didn't know what exactly it means.

    I'd like to surprise her and say the meaning of her name.
    Could you give me a hand with such a question? :)
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    Take a look at this
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    Elana sounds like the simplified female of (H)Ellanius, which was a prosonym of Zeus. (Jupiter Hellanius p. 41 down.) Another text, in ancient Greek, informs us that Ellanios Zeus was wοrshiped in Aegina p. 313, par. 1250. In this paragraph, to my understanding, Ellanios derives from Εllas (Greece). In some Greek dialects the A was replacing H (heta), so Ellanios is another form of Ellenios (Ελλήνιος) ("of Hellenes").
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