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imagine this context: I have a sister - with her I have the same parents. After my mother died, my father married again. My current stepmother had already a daughter from her previous relationship. Now my father and my stepmother they have already an another daughter.

I am thinking how can I express the words for these three sisters. There are 3 situations I can think about:

1) a sister, 2 parents in common

2) a sister, 1 parent in common

3) a sister, 0 parents in common

I have already found these expressions in Czech: sestra, nevlastní sestra, soukojenka (foster-sister)

Note that I am not talking about adoption here.

Could you please help me to figure out the expressions for naming these three sisters in Czech?

Thank you.
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    Why exactly do you ask these question in both Czech ad German forums, especially provided you filled in Czech as your mother tongue?
    If Czech indeed is your mother tongue, what exactly do you want us to clarify?
    What is your use case? How formal an expression, how much brevity etc?

    My working hypothesis is that Czech as your native language is filled in by mistake, otherwise you could hardly suggest "soukojenka", i.e. a girl who was breast-fed together with you.
    My suggestion:
    1) (vlastní) sestra
    2 + 3) nevlastní sestra (and yes, there is a confusion)
    If you really need more clarity, "polovlastní sestra" could be used for (2), but for (3) you'll probably need to specify (maybe "nevlastní sestra, různí biologičtí rodiče"). There could be a precise law term I am not aware of in existence.


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    Hello Mori.cze. I am Czech.

    In both English and German there are separate terms for all the three parts of my question. But in Czech I don't have an understanding of the term "nevlastní sestra". I don't know if it can refer to both 2) and 3) case.


    I have just found it on Wikipedia:

    1) plnorodí sourozenci
    2) polorodí sourozenci
    3) nevlastní sourozenci

    Source: Sourozenec – Wikipedie

    Ale jestli mohu říct "plnorodá sestra", "polorodá sestra" to zatím nevím...
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