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Hi everybody!

In the sentece "Fureddo kun no kuruma wa doko ni arimasu ka" I don´t understand the meanin of "kun"
Could anybody explain me why it is adding to "fureddo"?

Arigatoo gozaimasu.
  • damianvila

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    I really have a poor understanding of japanese, but as far as I know "kun" (as well as "chan") are familiar ways (or affectionate ways) of calling someone.

    For example: Shin-chan is an affectionate way of calling Shinnozuke.
    My friend Yohei was called Yohei-kun by his grandparents, and his sister Naoko was called Nao-chan.

    In Spanish we have the "ito" and "ita" ending (Juan -> Juancito, Laura -> Laurita).

    I'm not sure if the -y ending in english is used in the same way (John -> Johnny, Robert -> Bob -> Bobby).

    Way for a confirmation, anyway.


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    Kun se suele usar para chicos jovenes, se suele usar para designar a personas menores que uno o entre grupos de chicos jovenes.
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