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Does French have a generic abbreviation indicating that someone has a Master's degree?

I don't think this is possible in English, as we would need to specify whether it's a Master of Arts, a Master of Science, etc.

John Smith, M.A.
John Smith, M.S.

Does French have a generic abbreviation that can be used?

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    In France, we seem to insist a lot in our degrees to get a job but we don't mention them in our email signatures or business cards.
    So what I mean is that I don't think we add a title, let alone an abbreviation for it.


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    I'm translating a Mexican birth certificate into French. The Spanish original has a person's name with an abbreviation indicating he has a Master's degree (for those who are curious, this is the Spanish abbreviation.) If I were translating into English, I'd be up against a challenge because as I said in English there's no generic abbreviation that I know of. I was hoping there would be one in French!


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    Hi Elroy,

    It is true that a university degree will replace "Mr." or « Monsieur » in Mexican documents.

    However, university degrees are not normally part of one's formal identity in either French or English birth certificate documents.

    (You may want to pursue questions about Mexican documents in the Forum Français-Español, where there are likely to be more members with experience on such translations.)
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