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Threads without a source may be deleted at any time.*
Having to ask for a source adds unnecessary posts and wastes everyone’s time.

Note to Posters: A link to an online source is not enough – you must write out your source (examples below).* You may also add a link, but links to sites that require a subscription or membership are not permitted.

Note to Others: If the source is not named, report it using the Report link at the bottom of each post.

Source is required for three reasons:
  • Copyright Issues – Identifying the source helps prevent copyright problems for WordReference.
  • Better Answers – Knowing the source helps members give more focused answers.
  • Forum RuleRule 4.
Thank you ...
Source: The English Only moderation team ;)


*Examples of Source

Self-made sentence
If you have written the sentence yourself, please tell us.

A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson.

Five Easy Pieces – United States, 1970.

TV Show
The Wire – United States, crime drama.

Singing in the Rain, Frank Sinatra (complete lyrics at

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Plato, published March 2004 and revised August 2011. .

Webpage wangle something from someone.
or "wangle something from someone."


Style notes to be really correct
Titles of books, magazines, newspapers, plays, TV shows, radio programs, and songs are capitalized and italicized:
The count of monte cristo. :cross:
The Count of Monte Cristo.

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